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Danny Exnar,
Actor and pianist
Born in 1981 in Liestal with a Swiss-Czech double citizenship. After finishing studies in piano (Jazz and Classical Music) at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in Prague and Philosophy and German Philology at the University of Bern, he began his training as an actor at Otto Falckenberg School in Munich. At the same time, he has studied piano at the Swiss Jazz School Bern and the New Jazz School Munich. While still pursuing his studies, he performed at the München Kammerspiele and the Landestheater Tübingen, where he was part of the ensemble until 2009. Already in 2006, he had started working on the “Glenn Gould vs. Glenn Gould” project together with director Gert Pfafferodt. Since 2009 he has spent several months in New York where he has been studying English stage diction at the Juilliard School with Wendy Waterman. He received the O.E. Hasse Award from the Academy of the Arts, Berlin, and a development grant from the Armin Ziegler Foundation. Danny Exnar lives in Germany and Switzerland.

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interdisciplinary design,
Prof. Kilian Stauss and Josef A. Grillmeier
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Hans-Peter Föhrding,
Hans-Peter Föhrding, born in 1952, works as journalist in many areas. After his psychology and pedagogy studies and employment as psychosocial counselor, and working as a cub journalist, he went into print media. His journalistic career includes writing for Rheinische Post, Jüdische Allgemeine, Leipziger Volkszeitung and Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. He was a writer and designer for editorial desks and management. His primary interests as an author are investigative features and commentaries on sociopolitical topics. For the last two years, Föhrding has been an active journalist and media consultant in Berlin.

The Glenn Gould Estate
We thank the Glenn Gould Estate, Toronto, for its support

Printing Press Greska

Thomas Lüttge,

Thomas Petz,
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Gert Pfafferodt,
Theater Director,
born 1945 in Hofgeismar, Germany. The “La Mama Theater” New York inspired him to pursue a profession as theatre director. He has been working at the Münchner Kammerspiele since 1970, first as a stagehand and assistant, later as a director; for the last 35 years he has been a teacher at the Otto Falckenberg Schule. He directed more than 40 dramas and operas at state and metropolitan theatres. He loves the collaboration of artists, artisans and scientists from different fields. If possible, he produces his own work, reaching from performances of South Asian classical, religious music and dance theatre to drama, opera and exhibitions, to spectacular events and festivities. Some of them are targeted interventions aiming at implementing enduring changes of daily city life. Repeatedly he gives guest lectures at universities and companies on the skill of finding one’s own skills and developing them into professional work. He and his work received several international awards. Gert Pfafferodt lives in Germany and Thailand.

Christopher Robson,
born 1953 in Scotland. He is today one of the leading international counter-tenors. His repertory ranges from medieval monody to the avant-garde. Since his debut in the record breaking production of Monteverdi’s “Orfeo” at the English National Opera in 1981, he has contributed his extraordinary talent to the world of opera and music theatre. He is, moreover, highly acknowledged for the power and intensity of his performance and his presence onstage. He sings at opera houses all over Europe, on the American continent and in Australia. He works for radio and television; his numerous recordings with different labels show the gamut of his repertory. Since 1994 he has been a recurring guest at the Munich State Opera, and he received the award entitled “Bayerischer Kammersänger” in 2003. Christopher Robson lives in Germany and Great Britain.

Adelheid Gräfin Schönborn,
Landscape architect

Georg Steinweh,
director of photography and filmdirector,
was born in Upper Franconia in 1956. After his studies at Staatliche Fachschule für Optik und Fototechnik in Berlin, he worked as freelance cameraman for the broadcasting corporation SDR and as instructor at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg. Since 2005 he has been employed as lighting cameraman and worked for many different productions, among them the Olympic Games in Athens and Tatort productions for the TV station Baden-Baden. Since 2010 he is the head of the camera department of the broadcast corporation SWR Stuttgart.

German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Theodor Heuss Foundation

Dr. Heinz Verfürth,
After his studies and doctorate in political sciences, sociology and history, Heinz Verführt was the editor for several print publications, among them the journal Spiegel and the newspaper Handelsblatt. He was for many years the editor-in-chief and editor of the political desk of the Cologne newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger; most recently he was the editor-in-chief of Mitteldeutsche Zeitung in Halle. The journalist and author lives in Berlin.

The Walery Rzewuski Museum of the History of Photography

Bernd Zimmer,
born in 1948 in Planegg near Munich, started his artistic career in 1977 after working in publishing at the publishing houses Hanser Verlag, Munich, and Wagenbach Verlag, Berlin. Together with Fetting, Middendorf, Salomé and others he founded the gallery Galerie am Moritzplatz that was active till 1981. In 1980, the works of the so-called “Junge Wilde” (“Young Savages”) was first shown to a broader audience at the Berlin Haus am Waldsee in the exhibition “Heftige Malerei.” Time and again he embarks on big journeys throughout the world. The artistic rendition of the occurrences and experiences happens with a distance of time and space in his studio. Zimmer forgoes sketches or photographs. Therefore, he creates paintings that only hint at the “figurative sensual basis” (Zimmer), as the artist decided on developing a form of free painting. While working on other painting cycles, he created his cycle Cosmos Paintings between 1998 and 2006 that—like his other work—are not effigies but an expressive rendition of dynamic processes. In 2006, the painting cycle was recognized in an exhibition at Kunsthalle Mannheim. In 1979, he received the Schmidt-Rottluff Scholarship; in 1982, he was awarded the Villa Massimo fellowship, Rome. Bernd Zimmer lives in Germany and Italy.

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Public Relations,
Simone Lutz PR
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Anna Paniccia,

Mark Zipperlein,
Lighting Technician,
Born in Heilbronn in 1975. Vocational training as event technology professional; after his qualification he became a permanent staff member of Landestheater Tübingen.

Sebastian Koch,
Sebastian Koch (*1962 in Karlsruhe) ist ein international anerkannter Schauspieler (u. a. Die Manns, Stauffenberg, Speer und Er, Black Book, Das Leben der Anderen) sowie ein gefragter Interpret musikalisch-literarischer Hörbücher (u. a. Briefe von Clara und Robert Schumann, Die Traumnovelle). Sebastian Koch wurde vielfach ausgezeichnet (u. a. mit dem Grimme-Preis, dem deutschen Fernsehpreis als bester deutscher Schauspieler und dem Globo d’Oro als bester europäischer Schauspieler).